Nos anciens participants partagent leurs expériences avec Amazing Race Canada

Juste un petit mot pour te dire comme tu as une belle compagnie et surtout le fun... nous avons tellement eu du plaisir, quelle bonne idée. Merci milles fois!

Josée Verrette Vidéotron

Je voulais de nouveau te remercier pour l'organisation de l'après-midi de samedi dernier. Tout le monde a beaucoup aimé et j'ai atteint mon objectif : faire plaisir à Robert-Guy.

Hélène St-Amand Course d'anniversaire

Méchant concept, c'était trippant. Merci!

Daniel Course d'anniversaire

(à la ligne d'arrivée) Moi je peux aller m'entrainer ce matin, mais *C'est correct!*

Maggie Degremont

I recently hired Mark and his company to put together an Amazing Race experience for our office.

As a contestant on season two of the actual show this past year, it was a highly relevant activity for my agency and when we asked everyone for ideas for our corporate offsite - our own race came up time and time again.

Out of the gate, Mark made it clear that he wanted our race to be as authentic as possible to the actual show. Mark also made it clear that he wanted me to experience his race, just like the rest of my staff would - no clues, secrets or indication of any kind was given to me prior to the experience. I was impressed.

From the moment we opened the first clue - that feeling kicked in. We had to be fast, smart and strategic and it was fun! Just like the real thing. Every strategy we employed on the real show was used here - well, with the exception of a dislocated shoulder. I managed to complete this race!

He had us travelling all over the city. The team was surprised at how much their competitive spirit kicked in and were still talking about this offsite event for weeks after.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the day for me was how Mark handled his late arrival due to some flight issues. He kept me aware of everything as it was happening and continued to guarantee we had a great experience. We did.

If you never get a chance to get on the actual show - this is the next best thing. We loved it.

Shawn King President, Chief Creative Officer | Extreme Group

Thank you again for designing such a fun, challenging, creative, unique, and successful fundraising for the 1st annual UHN Amazing Race.

The incredible drive, passion, and level of creativity that you put into developing this one-of-a-kind custom event for us was truly appreciated by everyone involved, especially the participants. You are an absolute pleasure to work with - your non-stop energy and enthusiasm were remarkable and contagious!

As you know, this year's UHN Amazing Race was a great success! 100 participants raced across Toronto in the first ever charitable race in Canada with Amazing Race Toronto. Over $30,000 NET was raised in support of Nursing Education at University Health Network (UHN) - Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, and Princess Margaret Hospital.

Our organization has more than 3,500 direct care nurses and welcomes more than 1,200 nursing students each year. This event will have a direct positive impact on these individuals and every patient that receives healthcare services at Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, and Princess Margaret Hospital.

Thank you again for your collaboration and contribution, making the UHN Amazing Race so memorable and such a big success.

Kelly Black Event & Special Projects Coordinator
Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

Yesterday was so much fun!! As a fan of the show, I knew I would love it... but to see the entire group so into it was great.

Your first clue was brilliant!! it got everyone so enthused about starting!!

We had so much fun talking to the public!! You should have seen Shelly (one of the owners, on my team) she was walking up and down the metro platform asking anyone for help.

The entire office is on a high today... and I'm pretty sure we will do this event again.

Thanks Mark, to you and your team! We've never laughed so hard!!

Stacey Zerdok Director of Communications
Copoloff Insurance Agencies

I have to admit that I was not looking forward to participate in Amazing Race Montreal. It was hot, humid and looked like it was going to pour. Wow, did it pour. However, once we got our instructions and were on our way, I just started to get very competitive. The subway, the running up and down the stairs, asking people for assistance, the food... WOW!!! All in all, it was a (****) loads of fun!

Sandro Fabrizi Banque Laurentienne

You should have heard us at the restaurant! We couldn't stop talking about the race!

Karen Aflalo Mead Johnson

I just can't thank you enough for the wonderful day!

Can't wait to do it again, and again, and again, and again!!!

Jonathan Harvey Summer Sprint

I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. It was an amazing day!!! I will not hesitate to recommend you to any company or organization that wants to do a fun event. I am really pleased it worked out so well.

Thanks again!!!

Elissa Uditsky Federation CJA, Young Adult Division

Erica and I had such a great time! It was much more physically demanding than I had anticipated but it made it feel that much more like the actual show. I would do it again in a heart beat so when you open up any more public events please keep me on the mailing list.

Lisa Barroca Summer Sprint

My husband and I had a fantastic time doing the Amazing Race Montreal Valentine's Day Race. Mark and his team did a wonderful job organizing and executing the event. They spent a lot of time and effort creating this event to be challenging, exciting, and most of all fun. We would recommend the Amazing Race Montreal to anyone. We can't wait to race again. Thanks!

Deborah Murrow Valentine's Day Couples Race

This is way better than any scavenger hunt!!

Heather Mathews Procter & Gamble

Last year, I was blown away by how precise and professional the whole thing was. The clues were clever and well designed. It wasn't just a scavenger hunt. So this year, I just expected it to be at that same level, and it was even better. Amazing!

Efrem Ainsley Chief Financial Officer
Exinda Networks, Race #2

Your company recently took on the task of planning an Amazing Race Canada challenge for the staff of Franco-Nevada. At first, the group was apprehensive, however we managed to get 100% participation.

Our entire team thanks you and your team for the "amazing" experience we had. It was surely an excellent team building event with so much fun and enthusiasm! All the responses were overwhelmingly positive and we all got to see different sides of our colleagues that are not typically exposed in the office. We will definitely recommend you to anyone if we are asked!

You surely did keep up my reputation for choosing awesome team building activities; you even moved it up a notch!

I wish you and Amazing Race Canada much success. I would be more than happy to extend our appreciation for the work you put in and the success of the event if you ever need a reference.

Candida Hayden Office Manager, Franco-Nevada

THANK YOU! My Senior PM just told me that the GPS Geocache event last night was a HUGE success. No one had anything but FANTASTIC things to say. Thanks again, Mark! It was awesome!

Alana Mark Autodesk Inc. Staff & Client GPS Rally

What an incredible experience! Thank you for creating the first UHN Amazing Race in support of Nursing Education. The planning committee, volunteers and participants could not have been more pleased with your company's talent and professionalism. You delivered a fun and exciting team building activity for all the racers. Everyone that I have spoken to thoroughly enjoyed the course and is looking forward to racing next year.

I would like to thank you for your flexibility and encouragement. My role at UHN is not in fundraising or events and so there were times when I was uncertain and needing guidance. You always took time to answer all of my questions, calmed my concerns and were a voice of support and enthusiasm.

At the end of the day UHN raised more than $30,000 for our Nursing Education Fund. We could not have done this without you. We are currently in the process of reviewing this year's event and discussing how we will move forward with this event. Rest assured that if there is the second annual UHN Amazing Race I cannot think of anyone but you building it!

I look forward to working with you in the future and wish you continued success with Amazing Race Toronto and Amazing Race Canada.

Velta A. Vikmanis Coordinator of Nursing Transitions & Commitment
University Health Network Fundraiser

In addition to being a great team building experience, this was also a tremendous personal accomplishment for me. It was an experience that closely resembled running the famous Amazing Race on CBS, which I watch faithfully every season with my husband. Every time the winning team gets to the finish line, I cry because I so admire them for their stamina and endurance, thinking that I didn't have it! Now, as a member and contributor to the winning team in Canada, I know differently and am trying to convince my husband for us to apply to enter the big one!

It was evident that the many race details were carefully planned and plotted by the Amazing Race Montreal Event Company. All of the people we encountered on the course, Montreal residents and tourists alike, were friendly and as cooperative as they could be... they chuckled and smiled as we hurried along as if watching us brought them a measure of enjoyment too!! Those who were waiting for us at each destination with the next clue were extremely professional and pleasant.

A big Congratulations to those who developed the Amazing Race Montreal and all of their employees!

Marie Heikila Canada/US sales meeting, Montreal

Thanks once again for hosting an awesome day!! It was our second time completing the Valentine's Day race and couldn't recommend it more highly for couples who like fun competition mixed with a romantic theme. My girlfriend, Val and I are really competitive and enjoy the challenges in the race and competing with other couples. It's a lot of fun getting lost running around the city trying to figure out the clues and the dinner in the evening is a perfect way to relax after an exhausting race.

We enjoyed it so much the first time we came back for a second year to defend our championship hahahaha. Val even gave up smoking a month before the race so she could run faster. We want to try the summer event now which we have heard is a lot more challenging.

Thank you to Amazing Race Montreal for helping all of us non-US citizens be able to complete in the Amazing Race!

Ronan Harris Valentine's Day Couples Race

A participant's Facebook status (shared with Amazing Race Canada)

David Cohen missed the first few minutes of The Amazing Race last night because he was just coming back from The Amazing Race Montreal! It was... Amazing! (Well, it was...) Soo much fun. Very professional. Very impressed with the whole event. Can't wait to do it again. I can't recommend it enough. I also recommend to stretch beforehand.

His race partner's reply:

Sandra Legault Yup! IT was amazing and definitely a lot of fun... I can't wait to do it again in the summer!!!

David Cohen and Sandra Legault Valentine's Day Couples Race

The goal of this email is to mention how much fun I had last Sunday during the Randstad Amazing Race Montreal day.

It was very well organized and you and your team did a great job. The puzzles and stages were greatly timed and were fun!

Actually I was a little sad when we reached the end. Oh yeah! Great workout also!

Merci beaucoup,

Marco A. Tambeau