Have Amazing Race Montreal create a custom Amazing Race-style activity for your friends, family, colleagues and social groups to enjoy a unique experience that you will never forget.

Our Amazing Race Montreal event starts your group off together at a location of your choosing. Each team receives a clue, starting you on your exciting, informative and fun adventure. Use your first clue to figure out the location of the next clue, and so on as you travel around Montreal and accomplish challenges until you reach the finish line. Will you be first?

In addition to unique RACES created especially for your favourite groups, Amazing Race Montreal also offers TOURS for people who would like to get a taste of Montreal using the popular Amazing Race Montreal format.

Contact us today for more details about Amazing Race Montreal's RACES and TOURS or to create your very own event!

Amazing Race Montreal: A unique & exciting adventure with your favourite people!

BENEFIT TO COMPANIES - RACE FOR FREE! - Amazing Race Montreal programs can be delivered by a trainer certified by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the purposes of the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition. (Bill 90 - the 1% law)